13 February 2013

How to Handle Valentine's Day in a New Relationship

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone you have just entered into a relationship may feel awkward. It is natural for new couples to feel weird clueless and insecure when they have to approach the day as they are still new to each other’s feelings. It takes a little time for every new relationship to become strong and close and a few interactions or a single date is not enough to prepare a couple to understand the sentiments of each other according to which they can plan their Valentine’s Day. Attaining a certain comfort level is of utmost important between two people so that they could do away with insecurities and formalities and be their self when they approach the celebrations for Valentine’s Day. Here’s how to handle Valentine’s Day in a new relationship that can serve as a wonderful guide for new couples who feel weird to celebrate the day.
How to Handle Valentine's Day in a New Relationship
How to Handle Valentine's Day in a New Relationship

Avoid overdoing things or planning grand affair

Your relationship with your new found partner has just taken shape and it will be tomfoolery to do things out of your reach to show your brimming love. It is best to hold your excitement and curb the urge to do something grand for your new partner as it is still early days of your relationship.
It is not a good idea to indulge in craziness to show your love for someone whose feelings towards you have just grown. Restrain yourself from showing signs of desperation and take time to gauge your compatibility level before you plan something grand on this Valentine’s Day. 

Plan the Valentine’s Day In Advance And With Combined Approach

You both are still new to each other’s interests, feelings and likings. In such a situation, it is best to work out a collaborative plan for spending the Valentine’s Day together. Make the plan in advance and discuss ideas with your partner on ways that can help both of you to spend a good time in knowing each other more deeply. Planning a surprise at this tender and early stage of your relationship is inadvisable as none of you are well versed with each other’s nature and capacity level to take on surprises. Taking combined initiatives to plan the celebrations for the day of love can help you take forward the relation at a higher and more comfortable level.

Avoid gifting explicit items that lack taste

You have to be very careful when choosing a gift for your new found love with whom the bond is just a single date or a few conversations old. It is best to pick up gift items that are safe and simple rather than going for unique items. Reserve your unique gifting ideas for the latter stages of relationship as it is time to test waters and establish a stronger bond. Gift something classic rather than settling for something bold if you want to form a close bond of love and create a good impression.

Arrange for Valentine’s Day Celebrations In Accordance with each other’s likings

Adopt a collaborative approach to make preparations for the Valentine’s Day in the way in which you both would like to spend it. Discuss the time, place and activities that you could indulge in for spending the day together in a fun and memorable way.

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