23 January 2013

Valentines Quotes for Her, Romantic Valentines Day Quotes for Her

Want to woo your lady with something more than a bunch of roses or a box of chocolates? Try some beautiful valentines day quotes especially written for your girl and sweep her heart away this Valentine. Sometimes, even if you have taken the most expensive gifts on earth, a well written love quote works above everything else, do you know why? 

Valentines Quotes for Her

It is because your intense passion of heart is hidden inside it, and that gets conveyed when you utter the quotes, love is all about feelings and the one you love feels it well much before you speak out those three magical words , “I love you”, to your beloved. These valentine quotes for her add some color to your proposal which makes her feel so special and cared.

Valentines Day Quotes for Her

  • I live for you, I die for you, but I will die if I have to live without you. 
  • So many girls have caught my eyes, but it is only you who has caught my heart. I love you.

She must come to know that you spend sleepless nights thinking about her,  your mind is always occupied by what she says when you meet and you find her in every face you see. Life feels so different ever since you have been in love with her. Go through these beautiful phrases and dedicate any one you like to the princess who rules your life. See how her cheeks blush as you utter these words on this very special Day. 

  • My heart craves for your love, my soul craves for your spirit, I crave for you, do you feel the same? Be mine forever.
  • My love towards you is like every drop the ocean has in it. I love you.
  • Count the stars if you ever wish to know how much I love you, you will never see it over. Come to my life like a moon and light it up forever.  

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