30 January 2013

How To Propose Your Girlfriend on Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is not only for spending some cozy moments with your beloved. Lovers, who have been dating each other for quite some time, can use this occasion to propose. Based on the mood, you can choose to propose in a serene place or in a crowded place.

Will you be my Valentine ?

Some people use home or riverside to propose to their loved ones. If you prefer privacy and serenity, chose a park that is not crowded or use the balcony of your house when you are enjoying the company over a cup of coffee. However, if you want to propose at other places, a restaurant would fit the bill. You can instruct waiters to serve you champagne or wine. It is a classic technique to place the ring at the bottom of a glass before it is served! You can also propose to your loved one when you dine at home on the special day.

Will you be my valentine?

Alternatively, you can place the ring for your beloved inside a candy box. Imagine the kind of surprise she will get when opening the box. For adding to the surprise factor, you can place the ring or proposal card at the bottom of the box. You can spring the surprise to your beloved at the most unexpected moment for the effect! Of course, you need to think of his or her likings before you propose. You can be a little more romantic in your approach and propose her while you watch a romantic movie with the person.

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