30 January 2013

Homemade Valentines Cards : How to make a Personalized Valentine's Day Card?

While a lot of people wish their beloved using the web, there are some takers for the traditional paper cards! You can surely buy greeting cards to wish your beloved but it will be far better if you design the card personally using your creative skills.

A Valentine's Day card made at home will impress your boyfriend or girl friend far better than regular card bought from gift shops.

How to make a Handmade Valentine Card 

Hand Made Valentines Cards

You can use various types of paper, crayons, water colors, glue and various items to make such cards at home. There are numerous free templates available in web that you can use to design a suitable card personally. Using heart shaped cards is an option you can consider.
Inside the card, you can write romantic poems and messages to your valentine. The exterior of the card can be a shade of red or pink and the inside can be white or similar colors. You can use small paper based figurines that can be attached inside the card. Cupid figures, roses and heart shapes can be used for this!

You can also think of innovative shapes for the card apart from usual rectangular shape. A great idea would be to make the card in shape of a boat, teacup, bird or teddy bear. It is okay if you use laces and velvet paper to decorate the card. You can send the card in a nice envelope to your beloved. It would also be good if you send it in a small gift basket.

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