13 February 2013

Questions To Ask a Girl

Break the ice with these simple yet interesting questions that you can ask a girl you meet for the first time. You can even use these questions to get to know more about her personality.
  • When is your birthday?
  • How many siblings do you have?
  • Where do you live?
  • What do you do?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What is your favorite color?
  • What kind of movies do you like?
  • Who is your all-time favorite Actor/Actress?
  • Do you believe in destiny and fate?

    Questions To Ask a Girl
    Questions To Ask a Girl
  • What’s your zodiac sign?
  • What were you like as a child?
  • Are you more like your Mom or your Dad?
  • Who is that one person whom you’re closest to?
  • When was the first time that you tasted alcohol?

How to Break up With Someone on Valentine's Day

Breaking up with someone you had once loved dearly is never easy, but to do it on a day dedicated to love makes it even harder. Difficult as it may seem, studies have shown that 47% of couples choose this day to end their relationship. 

It may seem a little odd to break free from a bond of love on Valentine’s Day but you can go forward with the break up process if you polish your strategy and learn a few tips. How to Break up With Someone on Valentine's Day is here to help you cut off the love bond without being rude, impolite and yet successful in breaking free from your lover.

How to Break up With Someone on Valentine's Day
How to Break up With Someone on Valentine's Day 

Drop the bomb in a Mail

You can drop an email to your partner explaining to him/her the reasons for your desire to break up from the relationship. Analyze the reasons why you no longer want to be the love partner of your boyfriend or girlfriend. Come up with plausible and convincing reasons to show your partner that there is no future for your relationship and explain in a kind way as to why breaking at this stage is much better for both of you rather than a later stage.

How to Get a Guy to Ask You to Be His Valentine

Valentine’s day is here and you wish to celebrate it with the person that you have had your eyes on for quite some time. However, there is one minor glitch. You are hesitant to ask him out and instead of being bold enough to approach the guy yourself, you want him to ask you out to spend time with you on the day of love.

You are one of those, who belong to the old school of thought in terms of love and relationships. Rather than you going out to the man you secretly desire and asking him out on date, you want him to approach you on Valentine’s Day. Here are tricks and tips to help you learn on how to get a guy to ask you out to be his Valentine.

How to Get a Guy to Ask You to Be His Valentine
How to Get a Guy to Ask You to Be His Valentine

Communicate your feelings

Communication is the key to expressing your hidden feelings towards your man. Show your emotions and express the way you feel to let the boy of your dreams know how much you love him. Until and unless he knows, it will be difficult for him to come close to you. There are a number of ways to express your feelings and you can opt for one among them to let your blue-eyed boy know of the way you feel for him.

How to Look Great on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is around the corner and the boys and girls in love want to put their best foot forward. It is one of the most awaited days and preparations start days in advance. Everyone wants to look great and appear in an imitable style but not all are possessed with the right sense to do so. It is not difficult to look good on the Valentine’s night but all one needs is a little bit of effort and tips. Here’s how to look great on Valentine’s Day.

Avoid overdressing or too much make-up

Simplicity can win hearts and it is a mantra that you need to follow when dressing up and getting ready to go out on an important date with your partner on Valentine’s Day. Avoid dressing up gaudily and putting on heavy make-up for date. Remember, it is not a wedding function but a Valentine’s date that you are going for so try and keep it simple to go well with the occasion.

Valentine Dresses : 


                                                            image credits : pinterest.com

Dress fittingly to impress your love

Young girls and women who are planning to be out with their partner to celebrate the Valentine’s Day first need to decide on their choice of clothes according to the place for celebrations. If you are going out to a fancy restaurant then it is best to go dressed in a nice evening dress. However, if you have planned to go for a short walk alongside the beach then you can turn up in casuals and flip-flops. Men should wear smart clothes and avoid going in rugged and torn jeans in order to appear stylish and decent when out on a date with their partner. 

How to Handle Valentine's Day in a New Relationship

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone you have just entered into a relationship may feel awkward. It is natural for new couples to feel weird clueless and insecure when they have to approach the day as they are still new to each other’s feelings. It takes a little time for every new relationship to become strong and close and a few interactions or a single date is not enough to prepare a couple to understand the sentiments of each other according to which they can plan their Valentine’s Day. Attaining a certain comfort level is of utmost important between two people so that they could do away with insecurities and formalities and be their self when they approach the celebrations for Valentine’s Day. Here’s how to handle Valentine’s Day in a new relationship that can serve as a wonderful guide for new couples who feel weird to celebrate the day.
How to Handle Valentine's Day in a New Relationship
How to Handle Valentine's Day in a New Relationship

Avoid overdoing things or planning grand affair

Your relationship with your new found partner has just taken shape and it will be tomfoolery to do things out of your reach to show your brimming love. It is best to hold your excitement and curb the urge to do something grand for your new partner as it is still early days of your relationship.

How to Cope With a Lonely Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is meant for spending with people whom you love with all your heart. However, for some reason if you could not be with your loved ones on this day then you will have to spend it all alone with no one to give you company. If you are single or have recently broken off from your partner, it is painful to spend the Valentine’s Day without your partner. The feeling of loneliness might push you into a negative zone and make you feel highly uncomfortable. Your pain of being alone might increase further when you see other couples getting mushy and enjoying themselves on this day of love. However, how to cope with a lonely valentine's day will provide you with tips and techniques to spend the day without getting disheartened or upset.

How to Cope With a Lonely Valentine's Day
How to Cope With a Lonely Valentine's Day

Avoid loneliness to dampen your self-confidence

When one finds oneself alone, without company of a lovable partner on Valentine’s Day then the feeling of being worthless or unimportant is bound to strike the confidence. However, it is important not to let loneliness impact your self-confidence. Guard yourself against negative feelings that make you think less of your own self or bring down your worth in your own eyes.
Having somebody to spend Valentine’s Day with is not half as important as feeling good about oneself. Utilize this day by loving yourself and indulging in some much needed you-time.  

Treat yourself to something nice

It is often therapeutic to do things that make you feel good at depressing times. When left alone on Valentine’s Day, you can choose to go for a spa session or to a gym that will help you rejuvenate and relax your senses. For a lot of single girls, going to shopping or spending time in a salon over long beauty sessions helps them take their mind of depressing thoughts when they are left out alone on Valentine’s Day. You can consider taking a hot shower bath to feel relaxed.

Hang Out With Your Single Friends

If you are not the only one who is left without a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day but there are a couple of other friends as well then you can plan a get-together of all single people on this day of love. All the single mates can together go out for a movie or a dinner date and talk about the benefits of staying single to be filled with a sense of relief on being alone on this day. Partying in a club or hitting a lounge bar or pub and gulping down a few shots can also help you feel relieved. Make sure that you drink responsibly when hanging out with single friends on Valentine’s night.

Avoid Being A Part Of Valentine Celebrations

If the celebrations everywhere around on the day of love make you feel worse than you can consider spending time in places that does not promote the Valentine's Day theme. You can buy a musical concert ticket or attend a theatrical or sports events. You can also bring a smile on the faces of other people, particularly the less privileged ones, who are spending the Valentine’s Day alone.

12 February 2013

Free Valentine Cards, Top 10 Valentines Day Cards

If you think that only an expensive gift item could please your love then you may be wrong? It is not always necessary to splurge on something pricey to please your partner. You can make someone feel special even with a cute gesture. 

Send out free valentine cards if you want to see a smile form a curve on the lips of your special person without requiring you to spend any money on it. 

There are a number of sites on the Internet that offers free valentine day cards. You can download them and send them to make the day truly special. Whether you are staying far or near to your partner, you can always send beautiful Valentine cards free of cost to express your love and care. 
Valentine Cards
Valentine Cards
Valentine's Day Cards
Valentine's Day Cards

Valentines Day Events

One of the most awaited days after the end of the New Year celebrations is the Valentine’s Day. People, of all ages, look forward to this day to show their feelings and express their emotions towards their loved ones. 

It is a big day in the annual calendar for not only the young lovers but also for people who design their products and services to feature as part of the celebrations for this day. Young and the old celebrate the Valentine’s Day with much fervor and enthusiasm. 

It is the mass hysteria and the hype revolving this day that special Valentine Day events are being organized. Different regions have different events lined up in accordance with the taste and preferences of the people in that particular area. 
Valentines Day Events
Valentines Day Events
The most common events lined up for Valentine’s Day are the dinner date specials organized by good restaurants and hotels. Famous names in the hospitality business come up with interesting Valentine’s Day event ideas to woo their old customers and attract new ones to their list. 

Valentine's Day Specials

As soon as comes the month of February, young, teenagers, adolescents, middle-aged couples and the old, all are offered a host of Valentine’s Day offers. 

Hotels, card owners, merchandise manufacturers and marketing people all get into the preparations for getting more and more buyers for their products and services made especially for the day of love. 

Special deals are provided by business units to woo people to make the best of their Happy Valentines Day specials. Everything around you is marketed in a way that would add to the joy of Valentine’s Day in your life.

Valentines Day Specials
Valentines Day Specials
Whether it is a hotel deal or a spa session, packages are designed with the way to trap young people spend more on the day of love. Restaurants come up with valentine special fares and dinner menus to attract more diners.